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CPC Transport Manager

Nominated External Transport Manager

Every business that holds or looking to obtain Standard National or Standard International Operator's licence must hire qualified and professional Transport Manager. It can be either full time employee or external, nominated CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) TM in road haulage holder.

We offer services to both new and exicting licence holders as follows:

  • Restricted Licence Holders
  • Standard / International Licence Holders with:
  • gray OCRS
  • green OCRS
  • amber OCRS
  • red OCRS
  • Every company is different, hence we quote all services individually. Please contact us for pricing, bespoke service and more details.

    Freelance CPC Holder

    Most popular services offered to UK Operators:

    • External Transport Manager
    • Current operations support during busy periods
    • Temporary projects support
    • Operators licencing advise
    • Complience check
    • Management of Drivers’ Hours and Records

    Most popular services offered to International Operators:

    • Help with Prohibition Notices PG9 / TE160
    • Help in dealing with DVSA / UK Border Agency
    • Operators licencing advise

    We make every effort to offer a reliable,
    high-quality and efficient service.

    • External / Part-time Transport Manager Services
    • Operator licencing and compliance
    • CPC Transport Consultancy
    • Services for owner drivers and small fleet operators
    • Dealing with Prohibition Notices PG9 / TE160
    • Personal and honest service
    • Available for ad hoc / temporary projects / busy periods
    • Services offered to UK and International Transport Operators
    • Support in dealing with DVSA and UK Border Agency